Why are these prints discounted? 

As I was organising my stock I realised I had beautiful prints that I put to the side due to some minor faults such as scratches and white corners. I must admit, they are barely noticeable to the naked eye yet of course there was no way I was going to sell these at full price. I wasn't going to sell them at all!

However, a lot of you voted that you would be more than happy to purchase them.

So, here they are!

As I said, they are imperfect so before buying please ensure you view the images properly and you are happy with their condition. 


Each piece is unique with its meaning and tells it's own story, but they are all created with the same intention, to guide myself and you to a path of love, confidence and self acceptance.

There is a very limited stock so please do be quick. All prints will be varnished free of charge to ensure future protection from water, scratch and abrasion. Varnish will remarkably increase the UV resistance and colour longevity. This is a one time thing, enjoy! 

Happy shopping and thank you for visiting my page.

Love MJ