Welcome to the mind of MJ:


Who is MJ Expression?

In January 2020 I founded MJ Expression and I remain the owner.
I am a self taught line and abstract artist in my twenties, born and raised in London. 


Where does the Expression come from?

Through my art I created a path that led me to my true self. I soon came to the realisation that art was a way to express words that I cannot speak, art simply became my expression which eventually led me to create MJ Expression


What is MJ Expression about?

My art represents the Woman who stands tall through thick and thin. Women are far more incredible than given credit for. However, like any living being this Woman has wounds, scars and so much more, so sometimes she falls, but she never stays down. 
I combine Her with connotations of nature to embody an-ever growing, healing, empowering and graceful Woman.
Within each piece a story is told, when I sit back and look at a completed piece I grasp a greater understanding of where I am mentally.


What is MJ Expression’s message?
We are all on our own path and although each path is unique, we all have one thing in common, we all have healing to do and that’s ok. It isn’t something that should be silenced. 
Through my art I guide myself to self acceptance, confidence and love. I would love for you to see my work and feel encouraged to flourish more than you already are.
Thank you for visiting my page.
Love MJ

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