Beige Bloom, Print
  • Beige Bloom, Print


    Remove any dead leaves

    Water your plant when it’s needed

    Provide it with time and attention

    Observe and notice how it responds to different environments

    Place your plant in a place with some light and warmth


    Do the same with yourself,

    That’s how you Bloom.


    Be self-aware, observe yourself, know what’s good for you and feed yourself more of that, know what’s bad for you and disqualify that from your life. Be warm to yourself.



    - High quality fine art print of my one of a kind Bloom piece

    - Printed onto 250gsm heavyweight paper

    - Matt finish



    Varnish Options:

    For an additional £4 we will gently coat your MJ print with a seamless gloss glaze. In doing so, this will remarkably increase the UV resistance and colour longevity of your print. Also providing increased water, scratch and abrasion resistance.